Book cover - The Associate - Author John Grisham

The Associate

Author John Grisham

  • Release Date: 2009-01-27
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Our score: 4
From 364 Ratings

The Associate Summary

The Associate - Kyle McAvoy possesses an outstanding legal mind. Good-looking and affable, he has a glittering future. He also has a dark secret that could destroy his dreams, his career, even his life. One night that secret catches up with him. The men who accost Kyle have a compromising video they’ll use to ruin him–unless he does exactly what they say. What they offer Kyle is something any ambitious young lawyer would kill for: a job in Manhattan as an associate at the world’s largest law firm. If Kyle accepts, he’ll be on the fast track to partnership and a fortune. But there’s a catch. Kyle won’t be working for the firm but against it in a dispute between two powerful defense contractors worth billions. Now Kyle is caught between the criminal forces manipulating him, the FBI, and his own law firm–in a malignant conspiracy not even Kyle with all his intellect, cunning, and bravery may be able to escape alive.

BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from John Grisham's The Litigators.

The Associate Review

  • WORST John Grisham EVER!

    By Nike Athlete
    Please do not waste your time. This book is a joke. Nothing is resolved at the end. A character escapes and we do not find out why?!? Ridiculous!
  • The associate

    By aib14
    Not his best
  • The Associate

    By Donnie55r
    This book was totally exhilarating, I don't care what the critics say! As an avid reader of John Grisham, I've read everyone of his cloak and dagger novels. This is right up there with the best of them. Some say the book simply ends, this is not true in my opinion. As a social worker, I know the difference between ending and closure. The main character definitely finds closure in his own way. This was another book that I simply could not put down. It held my interest all the way to the end, which was not predictable at all.
  • Almost there

    By ShortshiftMX5
    I enjoyed the book, for as far as it went. When I ran out of pages I thought I hadn't downloaded all of the chapters. I discovered that the book ended, but the story didn't.
  • Good storyline, bad ending

    By Desert Fox_J
    The storyline was great, but the ending, or lack there of, was a bit of a disappointment.
  • Good

    By YYCM
    I consider myself as Grisham's #1 fan. I love his work, and this isn't the exception, but there's no ending. Dissapointing.
  • Hated the ending

    By JeannaGTX
    Good read but I needed more to the ending.
  • Good...except for the ending

    By Catie & Cody
    This could have been one of Mr. Grisham's best works had he not rushed the conclusion to meet his annual deadline.
  • The Associate

    By Jkgt264
    I thought it was a overall good book. Except for the ending.
  • Great Book.

    By ConservativeHoosier
    As always, John Grisham has another amazing book. This one in particular starts a little quicker than some of his previous books. Great read!