Book cover - Griftopia - Author Matt Taibbi


Author Matt Taibbi

  • Release Date: 2010-11-02
  • Genre: Political Science
Our score: 4.5
From 165 Ratings

Griftopia Summary

Griftopia - A brilliantly illuminating and darkly comic tale of the ongoing financial and political crisis in America.
The financial crisis that exploded in 2008 isn’t past but prologue. The grifter class—made up of the largest players in the financial industry and the politicians who do their bidding—has been growing in power, and the crisis was only one terrifying manifestation of how they’ve hijacked America’s political and economic life.

Matt Taibbi has combined deep sources, trailblazing reportage, and provocative analysis to create the most lucid, emotionally galvanizing account yet written of this ongoing American crisis. He offers fresh reporting on the backroom deals of the bailout; tells the story of Goldman Sachs, the “vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity”; and uncovers the hidden commodities bubble that transferred billions of dollars to Wall Street while creating food shortages around the world.

This is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the labyrinthine inner workings of this country, and the profound consequences for us all.

Griftopia Review

  • Bob

    By Bo Atlanta
    Thanks for your investigation. It’s so revealing. This book exposes the extreme level of corruption done by Wall Street crooks. Those crooks successfully infiltrated the high-ranking positons in Washington and now they destroy the Rules that were supposed to fight white-collar crimes on Wall Street. It’s sad but the country is hijacked by criminals. It’s even worse to realize the fact that most of them have the same origin. Those criminals should not be robbing America, those immigrants should be grateful that America gave the chance to their parents and grandparents who came as refugees.
  • Grid topic

    By Pecker wood D
    Excellent book. Excellent writer. Thank God for those like you capable of cutting through unethical jargo and dumbing things down for people like me. Like you seem to say, as far as Wall Street goes,..... they intentionally try to make it seem in-understandable for a reason. You're alright Taibbi!.....Thanks!
  • A must read - insightful and depressing!

    By HarleyGuzzi
    Complicated subject but easy to read and understand. Insightful and on point, the government is owned by corporations and we, the people and taxpayers pay for it! I call this legal crime. We need to fix as politicians cannot.
  • Great

    By Dookone
    Great work but very depressing as the author lays out the sodomizing of the American people.
  • Griftopia

    By thomas howard
    A book every voter should read prior to the 2012 elections.
  • Thorough and crucial

    By ornwen
    Want to know how commodities markets are manipulated to drive up oil prices? Want to know just how low Goldman Sachs stoops to? Want to know how Ayn Rand figures into a completely corrupt financial system? Read this book.
  • Very eye-opening

    By Jodi and Matt
    Great source of information about the Crash of 2008. The author excels at making the complex clear while inserting humor into an otherwise depressing topic.


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