Book cover - Cassidy and the Princess - Author Patricia Potter

Cassidy and the Princess

Author Patricia Potter

  • Release Date: 2011-02-21
  • Genre: Contemporary

Cassidy and the Princess Summary

Cassidy and the Princess - Marise Merrick had sacrificed everything to achieve perfection as a championship figure skater. But now everything she had worked for was threatened by a crazed stalker. And all that stood between her and certain death was one hard-as-nails detective—a man who made her dream for the first time of a life beyond the ice....

Cassidy MacKay knew better than anybody that a cop couldn't afford to have a woman in his life—and that went double for this woman, whose world was so different from his own. But as he raced to save her from a ruthless killer, he couldn't stop wondering what it would take to melt this ice princess's heart....


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