Book cover - Jack Kennedy - Author Chris Matthews

Jack Kennedy

Author Chris Matthews

  • Release Date: 2011-11-01
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Our score: 3.5
From 532 Ratings

Jack Kennedy Summary

Jack Kennedy - The critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling biography of John F. Kennedy, by Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball.

“What was he like?”

Jack Kennedy said the reason people read biography is to answer that basic question. What was he like, this man whose own wife called him “that elusive, unforgettable man?” In this New York Times bestselling biography, Chris Matthews answers that question with the verve of a novelist. We see this most beloved president in the company of friends. We see and feel him close-up, having fun and giving off that restlessness of his. We watch him navigate his life from privileged, rebellious youth to gutsy American president. We witness his bravery in war and selfless rescue of his PT boat crew. We watch JFK as a young politician learning to play hardball and watch him grow into the leader who averts a nuclear war. Matthews’s extraordinary biography is based on personal interviews with those closest to JFK, oral histories by top political aide Kenneth O’Donnell and others, documents from his years as a student at Choate, and notes from Jacqueline Kennedy’s first interview after Dallas. As Matthews writes: “I found a fighting prince never free of pain, never far from trouble, never accepting the world he found, never wanting to be his father’s son. He was a far greater hero than he ever wished us to know.”

“Filled with the vitality and spirit that made Jack Kennedy such a magical figure. Chris Matthews shows the cunning and determination beneath that magic. It’s an awesome and delightful book.” —Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

Jack Kennedy Review

  • Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero

    By Bill Mercer
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book in much the same way I would a narrative about a hero in any field that greatly interests me. It is obviously not the intent to delve into deep analysis but to assume the reader has rudimentary knowledge of the events of JFK's incredible journey as it carries one through the life of this tragic, yet beguiling and very extraordinary person. Matthews has an obvious affection for JFK...and he feeds those of us like kind brethren with facts that don't spend too much time in the friction of analysis. This is a very readable and enjoyable book, shared by an obvious scholar of the subject, in a way that it lends itself as much as a gift as anything else. Thank you sir.
  • Enjoyable and Informative

    By Emmet Aloysius
    Good book on JFK! Easy to follow and understand in plain language but you still get a complete story without too much annoying detail. Informative without being overtaxing. Recommended for JFK and history fans alike. EAF
  • Jack Kennedy

    By bluesman 007
    Unfortunately Mathews' take on Kennedy is nothing new here. No real intrinsic insights nor revealing new material, but simply a restatement of past reportage that is both anecdotal and unforgivingly patronizing. Mathews' journey for objectivity takes many turns - none of them leads to a satisfying destination.
  • Jack Kennedy:Elusive Hero

    By Son of Jude
    A complex, remarkable, inspirational, larger than life individual has his story told in a simple manner. Thanks Chris Matthew for your fine work on a great leader the likes of which has yet to be found.
  • Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero

    By The OD Guy
    Another yeoman-like effort from my favorite TV commentator. His voice is clear and so utterly Chris Matthews. From the first page to the acknowledgements, his inimitable personality rings through. A great read.
  • JFK

    By Coach TM
    If you have never read about jfk's life, like me, this is a good book to get a good overview of his life. Easy read.
  • What a great book!

    By TW6DC
    No more need be said. I have believed in 2 Presidents, Jack Kennedy and Barack Obama. I never thought I would believe in another like Jack Kennedy. I feel lucky at this late age to have found another President I can believe in and consider myself just lucky to have another chance to believe in a President.
  • Jack Kennedy

    By DLMiller49
    Great book about a great president. Very moving.
  • Jack Kennedy

    By georgedi
    As one who felt that the "little wooden desks" offered scant protection, this book truly speaks to me. An fascinating slice of history; a watershed moment; an unforgettable man.
  • I was 8

    By Fifipudi
    JFK was my favorite president before Obama. I was 8 when he was killed and I well remember the moment when we were told about his death as well as the times before then when we drilled getting under our desks at school. This book gave me so much insight into the man as being a thoughtful moral human being who loved all of humanity. Thank you Chris Matthews. I am now a fan of yours for life.