Book cover - Daddy on Demand - Author Judy Christenberry

Daddy on Demand

Author Judy Christenberry

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Daddy on Demand Summary

Daddy on Demand - In Name Only

"Hey, mister! I got money—and I need a daddy!

"I know Mommy says we're just two girls on our own and we don't need no boys. But…I kind of told Teacher that my daddy would talk at show-and-tell. Do you think $3.67 is enough to buy a daddy?"

John Crewes couldn't understand how a simple favor for a cute kid had gotten out of control. One minute he was daddy for a day, and the next his big career—his whole life—depended on Jacey's delectable mommy. Who could have known that not only the kids listened to show-and-tell…? John was sure he could charm Rachel into accepting a pretend marriage—but it would take more than make-believe to make a family.