Book cover - The Pirate - Author Kate Hoffmann

The Pirate

Author Kate Hoffmann

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Pirate Summary

The Pirate - ROGUES


Griffin Rourke: Pirate. Spy. He wants revenge on the infamous buccaneer, Blackbeard, for killing his father. And nothing—not even a bewitching woman named Meredith—is going to stop him.

When Meredith Abbott finds rugged Griffin Rourke washed up on shore, she can't believe her eyes. The gorgeous pirate is the epitome of all her fantasies, come to life. But Meredith hasn't counted on her lover's 18th century need for vengeance. Griffin's honor is demanding he leave her and return to his own time—to kill a man who died three hundred years ago!

Dangerous to love, impossible to resist!