Book cover - Cowboy Surrender - Author Judy Christenberry

Cowboy Surrender

Author Judy Christenberry

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Cowboy Surrender Summary

Cowboy Surrender - 4 Brides for 4 Brothers

How to match a matchmaker…

Redheads raiding his bunk, blondes batting eyelashes, brunettes bearing food…. One by one they came after Jake Randall. Now, Jake had been known to stare down a charging bull at three paces, but these husband-hunting females made him turn tail and run!

But the only way he could outrun his newly married, matchmaking brothers was to find a girlfriend himself. A pretend girlfriend. And there was only one female he knew he'd be safe with—ranch vet B. J. Anderson. He'd worked alongside her for months. Heck, he'd even taught her son to rope a calf. Surely she'd save him from marriage and fatherhood.

And then Jake made one tactical error: To seal their bargain, he kissed her….