Book cover - THE AUSTRALIAN HEIRESS - Author Margaret Way


Author Margaret Way

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary


THE AUSTRALIAN HEIRESS - Dramatic, powerful, distinctive—a special new book by one of the world's most popular romance writers!

MARGARET WAY is a romance legend—one of the most popular romance writers ever published! Superromance is proud to present The Australian Heiress and to welcome Margaret Way.

Camille Guildford is the daughter—and heiress—of a powerful Australian financier. But she hasn't inherited the fortune everyone thinks she has. Instead, her father's mysterious death has left her with an unexpected legacy of bitterness.

She blames one man for her father's decline. Nick Lombard. She casts him as her enemy, as the man who wants to see her fail. Yet much of what she learns about Nick is unpredictable, surprising. Like the fact that he has a little girl he adores. No less surprising is Camille's attraction to him—an attraction he seems to return. Can you fall in love with your enemy?

"I love Margaret Way's dynamic writing style and her riveting plots and her exquisite characters."
—Diana Palmer