Book cover - My Daddy the Duke - Author Judy Christenberry

My Daddy the Duke

Author Judy Christenberry

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

My Daddy the Duke Summary

My Daddy the Duke - He's my dad—
the World's Most Eligible Bachelor!

Ever since Grandma, the dowager duchess, told everyone on TV that my dad was in America looking for a wife, unmarried ladies chase him everywhere. We're trying to get to my uncle's ranch, but now we're hiding out. Those women can be rough on a guy!

My dad is real cute…I can tell when Sydney looks at him. She's the nice lady who gave us a lift. My daddy looks at her kind of funny too, like he's eaten bad broccoli. But my daddy says we can't tell Sydney he's a duke. I like pretend, but I sure wish Sydney knew. Maybe then she'd want to marry my dad…and be my new mommy!

Ever hopeful,