Book cover - One Bride Required! - Author Emma Richmond

One Bride Required!

Author Emma Richmond

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

One Bride Required! Summary

One Bride Required! - BACHELOR TERRITORY

Husband included!

When tycoon Nash Vallender inherits a dilapidated manor house, he decides it's time to settle down. He has the home, the fortune, so all he needs is the right woman.

Enter Phoenix Langrish. Aside from being a gorgeous, leggy brunette, Phoenix is also the only woman Nash has ever come close to loving. Ten years ago Nash had thought Phoenix too young for a serious relationship. But Phoenix has never forgiven Nash for breaking her eighteen-year-old heart. Nash has his work cut out—how to get an unwilling bride to say "I do" when all she wants to say is "I don't!"

There are two sides to every story…and now it's his turn!