Book cover - GIBSON'S GIRL - Author Anne McAllister


Author Anne McAllister

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary


GIBSON'S GIRL - An innocent seduction?

Gibson Walker was appalled when Chloe Madsen came to work for him. He'd only agreed to employ her as a favor—he had no time to baby-sit an innocent small-town girl. So why was he finding himself tormented by Chloe's shy beauty—and infuriated that she didn't even notice him?

Chloe didn't dare notice Gib. She was already engaged, and only in New York for the summer. Besides, Gibson Walker was exactly the sort of man mothers warn their daughters about: sinfully gorgeous and determinedly single!

Seduce her? Gib was tempted. Resist him? Chloe had to! But when fate threw them together it soon became a question of who was seducing whom….


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