Book cover - Beauty and the Boss - Author Lucy Gordon

Beauty and the Boss

Author Lucy Gordon

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Beauty and the Boss Summary

Beauty and the Boss - Was the boss blind…to love?

Craig Locksley thought he couldn't be charmed by his beautiful business associate, Delia because he couldn't see. However, temporarily parted from his young daughter and his beloved dog, Craig was forced to accept Delia's offer to act as his guide.

Delia found Craig impossibly grouchy and incredibly attractive! It seemed Craig, too, was unable to deny his feelings of attraction, though he insisted to Delia that they could only ever be colleagues. He was about to undergo an operation, but the chance of his sight being restored was very small, and his stubborn pride told him that Delia shouldn't be asked to sacrifice her life for a blind husband….

Marrying the Boss
From boardroom…to bride and groom!