Book cover - How the West Was Wed - Author Jule McBride

How the West Was Wed

Author Jule McBride

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

How the West Was Wed Summary

How the West Was Wed - The Wild, Wild West. Where Men are Men…

Sweet-talkin', sweet-kissin; Jackson West has quite a way with the ladies—and a reputation to uphold. So when the sexy cowboy wagers he can seduce Purity, Miracle Mountain's newest celebrity, he quickly learns he's stepped in it. Because the only way into the lady's life is for Jackson to dress up as "Mrs. Simpson," Purity's housekeeper!

Jackson is shocked to find himself getting in touch with his more sensitive side. Moreover, as Purity's confidant, he discovers she's got some pretty wild secrets. So what's a man—in a dress—to do when Ellen confesses that she's got designs on cowboy Jackson West?

"A bright star on the romance horizon."—Anne Stuart