Book cover - Gettin' Lucky - Author Kimberly Raye

Gettin' Lucky

Author Kimberly Raye

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Gettin' Lucky Summary

Gettin' Lucky - She was really unlucky in love.

So, when Lucky Myers came across a gorgeous cowboy swimming in the buff, she didn't know what to do—run or enjoy the show. And when he asked her to spend time on his ranch, she was floored! That is, until the sexy cowpoke asked her to be his nanny….

He'd be lucky…to get Lucky.

How did he get in this fix? Rancher Tyler Grant had to find a nanny for his daughter before his blue-blooded ex-mother-in-law arrived. And the only one who could help him was Lucky—sassy, sexy Lucky. Tyler was willing to give the smart-mouthed tomboy a few lessons in being a lady. But in his books, she was definitely all woman….