Book cover - Secret Valentine & Stealing Sterling - Author Katy Madison

Secret Valentine & Stealing Sterling

Author Katy Madison

  • Release Date: 2011-08-08
  • Genre: Historical

Secret Valentine & Stealing Sterling Summary

Secret Valentine & Stealing Sterling - Secret Valentine

The darling of the ton and women everywhere, Devin Nash, Lord Beauchamp, decides the best way to provide for his penniless, bluestocking ward is to marry her himself. She refuses. Stunned that any woman—but especially a woman with so few matrimonial prospects—could turn him down, he begins a campaign to woo her with valentines and gifts.

Unbeknownst to her guardian, who is too used to having his way and surely proposed out of pure laziness, Cecilia Clemmons is determined to make her own way in the world by crafting valentines. But when her valentines return addressed to her, she is terrified her secret is out. Worse yet, when she learns Devin is the sender, she thinks it a cruel hoax. Only the more he learns about stubborn, independent Cecilia in his efforts to buy perfect gifts for her, the more enchanting he finds her. But will she have him now, or has he botched his chances forever?

Stealing Sterling

Abandoned as an infant, Sterling John Cooper wants nothing more than to become part of one of Boston's venerated families. With his pockets lined with California gold, he proposes to the youngest Hamilton girl. When he finally meets her sainted sister, he realizes he's made a horrible mistake, but he's honor bound by his promise.

Mary Martha Hamilton has taken over her mother's role in her family after her mother's passing. Everyone relies on her, and she puts everyone else's needs before her own. When she returns from a mission of mercy, she finds her baby sister engaged to the perfect man. She dare not steal Sterling from her sister—even though he is everything she wants. But when her spoiled sister leaves Sterling at the altar...all bets are off.


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