Book cover - Where Were You The Day Camelot Died? - Author Robert Chapin

Where Were You The Day Camelot Died?

Author Robert Chapin

  • Release Date: 2011-08-24
  • Genre: Americas
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Where Were You The Day Camelot Died? Summary

Where Were You The Day Camelot Died? - It was a time when we did not have to lock our doors, and as teenagers, we thought life was all about us. On November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and we all watched the coverage and mourned his loss.

We graduated in 1965 and in our recent 45th reunion reminisced about that fateful day and how it effected our memory this many years later.

There are events in this world like the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Martin Luther King assassination, Bobby Kennedy, landing on the moon, 9-11 and for others, always incidents which will live on in infamy.

We also compared how we looked back then and how the photos of the kids in the yearbook were NOT what we had turned out to be. The guys who all bragged about their accomplishments at the 5th reunion, and now at the 45th, how we are what we are and are no longer in a position to impress anyone.

We mourn those who have passed on and how we all had desires to become one who never got stuck in the old manufacturing town - but sadly, this is where some of us remained.

It was a time of hope and desires fulfilled. America was entering the Vietnam War and there were those of us who served - those who returned and those who did not.

Hope you like this short story. If so, may I suggest you post a remark as to how it may have brought back a memory or two. Thanks, Bob