Book cover - The Latex Dress - Author Beverly Langland

The Latex Dress

Author Beverly Langland

  • Release Date: 2011-05-08
  • Genre: Erotica

The Latex Dress Summary

The Latex Dress - Denver, a young woman fresh from her parents loving but oppressive authority is invited to share an apartment with Jessica, a dominant older woman. She soon finds out that Jessica has a powerful personality. For some reason Denver always ends up behaving like a submissive schoolgirl in Jessica's presence. Which might explain the spankings.

Denver's journey into servitude started out as a game. Jessica is a fashion designer and after a few days living together she asked if Denver would model some of her clothes. Only her clothes aren't the glamorous dresses and high fashion Denver expected, but latex fetish wear.

'The girl frigged herself faster, working her fingers harder, trying to ignore the distractions outside her bedroom. She could hear Jessica's heels in the kitchen, then in the hall again, the woman obviously seeking her out even though Denver had but one sanctuary.'

'Satisfied with Denver's reaction Jessica slowly withdrew the offending digits. Deliberately slowly, Denver believed, tantalisingly slowly. Obviously, Jessica wanted Denver to know that she was in charge. This time Denver felt three fingertips toying at the entrance of her sex. Like her earlier exhibitionism, the fact that Jessica toyed with her out in the open excited Denver beyond reason.'