Book cover - Do Unto Others - Author Mark Clifton

Do Unto Others

Author Mark Clifton

  • Release Date: 1963-01-01
  • Genre: Adventure

Do Unto Others Summary

Do Unto Others - My Aunt Mattie, Matthewa H. Tombs, is President of the Daughters of Terra. I am her nephew, the one who didn't turn out well. Christened Hapland Graves, after Earth President Hapland, a cousin by marriage, the fellows at school naturally called me Happy Graves.
"Haphazard Graves, it should be", Aunt Mattie commented acidly the first time she heard it. It was her not very subtle way of reminding me of the way I lived my life and did things, or didn't do them. She shuddered at anything disorderly, which of course included me, and it was her beholden duty to right anything which to her appeared wrong.


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