Book cover - The Genial Idiot - Author John Kendrick Bangs

The Genial Idiot

Author John Kendrick Bangs

  • Release Date: 1922-01-01
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature

The Genial Idiot Summary

The Genial Idiot - This is a humor book. Good! cried the Idiot, from behind the voluminous folds of the magazine section of his Sunday newspaper'. Here’s a man after my own heart. Professor Duff, of Glasgow University, has come out with a public statement that the maxims and proverbs of our forefathers are largely hocus-pocus and buncombe. I’ve always maintained that myself from the moment I had my first copy-book lesson in which I had to scrawl the line, ‘It’s a long lane that has no turning, ’ twenty-four times. And then that other absurd statement, ‘A stitch in the side is worth two in the hand’—or something like it—I forget just how it goes—what Tommy-rot that is'. 'Well, I don’t know about that, Mr. Idiot', said Mr. Whitechoker, tapping his fingers together reflectively'. Certain great moral principles are instilled into the minds of the young by the old proverbs and maxims that remain with them forever, and become a potent influence in the formation of character'.


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