Book cover - Louisiana Beef Cattle - Author William Carter Stubbs

Louisiana Beef Cattle

Author William Carter Stubbs

  • Release Date: 2011-07-07
  • Genre: Nature

Louisiana Beef Cattle Summary

Louisiana Beef Cattle - The wealth-producing possibilities of cattle-raising are written into the history, literature and art of every race; and with every nationality riches have always been counted in cattle and corn. We find cattle mentioned in the earliest known records of the Hebrews, Chaldeans and Hindus, and carved on the monuments of Egypt, thousands of years before the Christian era. Among the primitive peoples wealth was, and still is, measured by the size of the cattle herds, whether it be the reindeer of the frigid North, the camel of the Great Sahara, or herds of whatsoever kind that are found in every land and in every clime.