Book cover - Xcode Dev. - Author Nikita Zernov

Xcode Dev.

Author Nikita Zernov

  • Release Date: 2012-02-14
  • Genre: Programming
Score: 2.5
From 33 Ratings

Xcode Dev. Summary

Xcode Dev. - This is first edition of book Xcode Dev. This book is about iOS application developing.

Xcode Dev. Review

  • book of nothing

    By IroncladMvtM
    this book has little to no useful information that you can get almost everything you see in this book by just launching Xcode and reading the code.... no explanation or insight. useless!
  • Bad code

    By Blankford
    Followed the coding exactly. Came up with 9 coding errors when I tried to run. I assume this writer has created some sort of code before but you can't prove it from the errors in his "book".
  • good for absolute beginners....

    By andyruppe1240
    I have just started trying to learn how to write iOS applications for the iPhone. It gives a good starting point for someone who just downloaded Xcode and is trying to write their first app. After a week of playing with Xcode I learned this stuff on my own. This could really be a great book if it had more. I would like to see it evolve also.
  • Really?

    By dbbray99
    Even free is to much, obviously written by someone experimenting and not useful.
  • not functional for me

    By tdevelopr
    The figures are all blank and the text uses the figures in a fundamental way. Without them, the book is useless. If there is something special I need to do to get them, the "Description" above should include that.
  • Good start

    By John Joyce
    It is evident that it was not written by native English speaker, but don't let that limit the nice start to a free book! It would be great to see it evolve into more. It's a great example of what you can do with iBooks Author!!