Book cover - The Book of Urizen - Author William Blake

The Book of Urizen

Author William Blake

  • Release Date: 2012-06-08
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

The Book of Urizen Summary

The Book of Urizen - The richly illuminated works of William Blake — poet, prophet, and artist — have fascinated readers since the late eighteenth century. In majestic verse illustrated with his own hand-colored plates, the poet explored profound and mystical themes, including the relationship between God and man and the concept of life as a journey toward spiritual self-knowledge.
One of Blake's most interesting and powerful creations, The Book of Urizen represents a parody of the book of Genesis, in which the righteous figure of God is replaced by that of Urizen, the "dark power" and obstacle to spiritual life. With "the voice of honest indignation," Blake compels readers to recognize and overcome their inner adversary in order to rise to higher levels of perception.
Incredibly beautiful in its combination of words and pictures, The Book of Urizen boasts some of Blake's most magnificent designs, rich in energy and monumental grandeur. For any lover of Blake, this edition represents an inexpensive opportunity to enjoy one of his finest works, including full-color reproductions of the poet's distinctive hand-colored plates and a printed transcription of the poem.