Book cover - Princess of Fortune - Author Miranda Jarrett

Princess of Fortune

Author Miranda Jarrett

  • Release Date: 2012-03-15
  • Genre: Historical

Princess of Fortune Summary

Princess of Fortune - The Princess And Her Protector…

When an exiled princess becomes too much for her hosts to handle, Captain Lord Thomas Greaves is called to action. Playing nursemaid to a spoiled and much-too-beautiful princess isn’t exactly how Thomas wants to serve his country, but at least it’s something to relieve his boredom while he counts the days until he can return to sea.

To mask her loneliness, the homesick Isabella has been imperious and difficult since seeking asylum in London. But as the sparks fly between her and Tom, she can’t deny her attraction to her handsome bodyguard. And when her life is threatened, Bella realizes that the dashing captain is the first man to treat her like a woman, not just a princess….


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