Book cover - Out Like a Light - Author Randall Garrett

Out Like a Light

Author Randall Garrett

  • Release Date: 1987-01-01
  • Genre: Short Stories

Out Like a Light Summary

Out Like a Light - Out Like a Light is a Fiction Short Story Book. The sidewalk was as soft as a good bed. Malone lay curled on it thinking about nothing at all. He was drifting off into a wonderful dream and he didn't want to interrupt it. There was this girl, a beautiful girl, more wonderful than anything he had ever imagined, with big blue eyes and long blond hair and a figure that made the average pin up girl look like a man. And she had her soft white hand on his arm, and she was looking up at him with trust and devotion and even adoration in her eyes, and her voice was the softest possible whisper of innocence and promise. "I'd love to go up to your apartment with you, Mr. Malone", she said. Malone smiled back at her, gently but with complete confidence. "Call me Ken", he said, noticing that he was seven feet tall and superbly muscled. He put his free hand on the girl's warm, soft shoulder and she wriggled with delight. "All right Ken", she said. "You know, I've never met anyone like you before. I mean, you're so wonderful and everything". Malone chuckled modestly, realizing, in passing, how full and rich his voice had become. He felt a weight pressing over his heart, and knew that it was his wallet, stuffed to bursting with thousand dollar bills. But was this a time to think of money? No, Malone told himself. This was the time for adventure, for romance, for love. He looked down at the girl and put his arm around her waist. She snuggled closer.