Book cover - Marjorie's Busy Days - Author Carolyn Wells

Marjorie's Busy Days

Author Carolyn Wells

  • Release Date: 1942-01-01
  • Genre: Fiction

Marjorie's Busy Days Summary

Marjorie's Busy Days - This is a part of Majorie series by Carolyn Wells. The speakers in this somewhat enigmatical conversation were the four Maynard children, and they were deciding on their morning's occupation. It was a gorgeous day in early September. The air, without being too cool, was just crisp enough to make one feel energetic, though indeed no special atmospheric conditions were required to make the four Maynards feel energetic. That was their normal state, and if they were specially gay and lively this morning, it was not because of the brisk, breezy day, but because they were reunited after their summer's separation. Though they had many friends among the neighboring children, the Maynards were a congenial quartette, and had equally good times playing by themselves or with others. Their home occupied a whole block in the prettiest residence part of Rockwell, and the big square house sat in the midst of about seven acres of lawn and garden. There were many fine old trees, grassy paths, and informal flower beds, and here the children were allowed to do whatever they chose, but outside the place, without permission, they must not go.


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