Book cover - Touched by a Charlie's Angel - Author James Trivers

Touched by a Charlie's Angel

Author James Trivers

  • Release Date: 2010-04-01
  • Genre: Erotica

Touched by a Charlie's Angel Summary

Touched by a Charlie's Angel - Touched by A Charlie's Angel
by James Trivers

A bisexual hack writer sells a script to Charlie's Angel and is invited to snort cocaine with Robin Doe, the newest angel, when the two-person party crashed by a star-struck lesbian cop. To avoid being busted-they kill the cop, mince and dice the corpse and make it mulch for the actresses garden. The writer flees LA for the Mojave where he hides out from the law as a born-again Christian. Two years later, Robin Doe, emerges from rehab and after given a governor's pardon (she is a celebrity after all who is friends with Jerry Brown) decides to do her Ninth Step with Barbara Walters on nationwide television. Upon doing so blows our hero's cover.  What he does to save himself....?

About The Author :-
James Trivers is the author of young adult novels, “I Can Stop Anytime I want” and “Hamburger Heaven” published in hardcover by Prentice Hall and  Harper Collins and Avon in paperback separately and respectively.  He published a short story, “History” with Swank magazine that was later optioned by New Path Pictures and was produced as a film “Norma
Jean, Jack and Me.”   It starred Michael Murphy and Sally Kirkland.  The movie played various film festivals (Cairo, Palm Springs, San Jose) and was broadcast in “heavy rotation” on the High Def. Movie channel.
A short story, “Conscious Dream,” was published in the e-magazine “Portable Muse.”  Currently he is collaborating with leading German screenwriter, CP Hant on a book on Adolf Hitler which will be  published by Severn House in the UK.


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