Book cover - Tall, Dark & Reckless - Author Heather MacAllister

Tall, Dark & Reckless

Author Heather MacAllister

  • Release Date: 2012-07-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

Tall, Dark & Reckless Summary

Tall, Dark & Reckless - Foreign journalist Mark Banning needs a partner—now. After refusing to work with a female journalist and with a reputation for being reckless, Mark is running out of options. That's where compatibility expert Penelope "Piper" Scott comes in.

Mark both infuriates and frustrates Piper. He claims her "theories" are ridiculous, and every potential candidate she finds is scoffed at and rejected.

It's worse for him, since Mark now finds himself hearing Piper's voice in his head. And the thought of his lips—and his touch—on her skin is tempting enough to push Mark into making his most reckless move yet!