Book cover - Little Matchmakers - Author Jennifer Greene

Little Matchmakers

Author Jennifer Greene

  • Release Date: 2012-07-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

Little Matchmakers Summary

Little Matchmakers - They were single parents who believed they were giving their sons all they could ever need. But a meeting with their boys' teacher had Tucker MacKinnon and Garnet Cattrell realizing what they really needed was each other. Since Tucker's boy craved a woman's influence and Garnet's son would benefit from some outside experiences, a trade seemed to be the perfect solution. So one day a week they'd swap kids. And maybe just see one another in passing. This was just for the boys' sakes, of course.

But when two intelligent kids decide they want to be brothers, heaven help the parents who didn't see this plan coming. Because a couple of little matchmakers were about to launch Project One Big Happy Family.


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