Book cover - It's About Time - Author Charlotte Douglas

It's About Time

Author Charlotte Douglas

  • Release Date: 2012-07-16
  • Genre: Contemporary

It's About Time Summary

It's About Time - Who'd Been Sleeping in Her Bed?

When Tory Caswell attended her sister's wedding in a magical old Victorian resort, her mind was filled with images of bouquets and garters. But when she awakened the next morning, she thought she was still dreaming. Because a gray-eyed hunk was sharing her pillow!

Rand Trent had drunk some brandy the previous night, but not that much. He could never have forgotten sleeping in the arms of such a gorgeous woman. But was Tory Caswell sane? After all, the instant she got a second look at Rand, she started proclaiming that it was 1995—when he knew good and well that it was the 1800s….