Book cover - The Mighty Quinns: Dermot - Author Kate Hoffmann

The Mighty Quinns: Dermot

Author Kate Hoffmann

  • Release Date: 2012-08-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

The Mighty Quinns: Dermot Summary

The Mighty Quinns: Dermot - Salesman Dermot Quinn plays the smooth charmer to perfection. But when his grandfather issues a challenge to his grandsons—start a new life with next to nothing—Dermot finds himself on the doorstep of a Wisconsin farm. And now he's face-to-face with a woman who makes him lose every bit of his cool!

Farm owner Rachel Howe once had her own dreams. Now she's faced with ruin and losing the family business. On the surface, Dermot looks like he could be the answer to her problems, not to mention her empty bed and lonely nights.

But six weeks doesn't seem so long when you find the love of your life….