Book cover - Sort Out Your Money - Author Infinite Ideas

Sort Out Your Money

Author Infinite Ideas

  • Release Date: 2012-01-16
  • Genre: Personal Finance

Sort Out Your Money Summary

Sort Out Your Money - For many of us life can feel like a constant financial juggling act at the best of times. And these aren't the best of times. We probably owe money on our credit cards, our living costs are going up, our children want ever more expensive trainers, and even the modest wish to have a secure income stream to pay for our home and to secure our pension seems pretty ambitious. Now's the time to get all those issues sorted, and this is the book to help you succeed. Sort out your money contains practical, easy-to-implement advice. There is absolutely no padding, waffle or theory. There are no pictures, stories or case studies, just 100% turn-your-finances-around-now value. Here are the 25 superb ideas consumers and investors all of us have to implement now to survive the economic downturn.