Book cover - The Death and Life of Bobby Z - Author Don Winslow

The Death and Life of Bobby Z

Author Don Winslow

  • Release Date: 1997-04-22
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Our score: 4
From 195 Ratings

The Death and Life of Bobby Z Summary


When Tim Kearney, a small-time criminal, slits the throat of a Hell's Angel and draws a life sentence in a prison full of gang members, he knows he’s pretty much a dead man. That’s until the DEA makes Kearney an offer: impersonate the late, legendary dope smuggler Bobby Z so that the agency can trade him for one of their own, who was captured by a Mexican drug kingpin. Knowing his chances of survival are a little better than in prison, Kearney accepts, and he winds up in the middle of a desert at the notorious drug lord’s lavish compound. To his surprise he meets Bobby Z's old flame, Elizabeth, and her son. At first, it’s a short vacation by the pool, but when things turn bloody, the three of them begin the most desperate flight of their lives, with drug lords, bikers, Indians, and cops furiously chasing after them. Whether he pulls it off, whether he can keep the kid and the girl and his life, makes this compelling novel a hilarious, fast-paced thriller about a con caught in a devil’s bargain.

The Death and Life of Bobby Z Review

  • Another Excellent Story

    By Rg110647
    I love every book by Don Winslow. Wish he would write faster! Every book is a page turner, little bit of mystery, little bit of humor and a lot of thrilling story.
  • Sometimes its fun to have fun

    By Professor Dice-enstein
    I read this book years ago and was pleasantly surprised that it has stuck with me, they even made a movie out of it. It reads very quickly and I remember how I had a hard time putting it down. Truth be told, I only bought it because the cover of the paperback caught my attention. Treat yourself to a treat and read this book.
  • Unrecognized Gem

    By magicnfire
    Truly excellent. Both exciting and funny. Moves along very quickly with many twists, turns and surprises. Fun and very entertaining light reading. Fascintating characters, interesting plot. Many similarities in style to Savages. Everyone who I've turned on to this book has really enjoyed it.