Book cover - Rear Guard - Author Landon Dixon

Rear Guard

Author Landon Dixon

  • Release Date: 2010-09-26
  • Genre: Erotica

Rear Guard Summary

Rear Guard - A collection of six sexually explicit erotic stories with gay themes including ménage, workplace and crime. 

Rear Guard:

Everyone had a good laugh when they handed him the ‘s**t’ job – guarding the washrooms of the largest city park against unauthorized penal and anal activity. But ‘s**t’ patrol was just what this security guard was trained for; and he didn’t disappoint.

Dick Work:

Hershbeck is tasked the dirty job of investigating a sex toy theft. And things only get dirtier, when first the detective demands a demonstration of some of the leftovers, then takes the case, and another man’s case, into a nearby alley for an intimate interrogation.

Hazard Pay-off:

“Hazard” was an accident waiting to happen, a one-man workplace safety and health risk. Sometimes, though, the worst goof-up can yield the best pay-off.

Cab Fare:

You can’t always judge a man by where you pick him up.

The Pantyhose Bandit:

There was a bandit loose in the neighbourhood, breaking into people’s homes and sniffing, fondling, and dressing up in women’s lingerie and high heels. Not everyone was frightened, though. In fact, one man resolved to do something to catch the culprit. To protect the neighborhood, yes; to get himself a piece of the perverted perp, damn straight!


They were two hockey tough guys, one young and up and coming, the other older, a down and outer trying to make it back up. They shared hate, a passion for their profession, and so much more.

These stories have also been published in Hot Tales of Gay Lust by Paperback ISBN 9781907761454 eBook ISBN 9781907761461