Book cover - Shades of Gray - Author Maya Banks

Shades of Gray

Author Maya Banks

  • Release Date: 2012-12-31
  • Genre: Military
Our score: 4.5
From 479 Ratings

Shades of Gray Summary

Shades of Gray - The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business. Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background. Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t…P.J. and Cole were sharpshooting rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited, uncomplicated camaraderie. Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their relationship one step further. In the aftermath of their one-night stand, they’re called out on a mission that goes terribly wrong, and P.J. walks away from KGI, resolved not to drag her teammates into the murky shadows she’s poised to delve into.Six months later, Cole hasn’t given up his search for P.J., and he’s determined to bring her back home where she belongs. Bent on vengeance, P.J. has plunged into a serpentine game of payback that will make her question everything she’s ever believed in. But Cole—and the rest of their team—refuse to let her go it alone. Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI, and their lives…

Shades of Gray Review

  • Rape disclaimer?

    By Katz1488
    Next time please put a rape disclaimer on this! That was awful... Please be more considerate for those who read your novels!
  • Another stellar book

    By gagal88
    The KGI series is by far an amazing series. I fell in love with the Kelly family. I love these strong warriors and every single story. Absolutely impatient to see the future stories. I will re-read these stories for years to come. Recommending this series to everyone!
  • KGI Series

    By Debbie Frost
    I am hooked. I would hope that there will b more What about Dovovan and Joe ? Something about Nathan n Rachel's twins? These stories u have created are wonderful thank u so much
  • Great book

    By Acgoofy
    It was intense. At points it made you sad at the hardship PJ endured you felt helpless along with the rest of the team. Very good book but would liked to have a follow up of them and all the KGI team.
  • Great story

    By Olga.Peterson1
    Love the story & action. Only reason this book isn't 5 stars is because of all the unnecessary & over-indulged use of profanity throughout. I felt dirtier than a sailor reading chapter after chapter of continuous cussing. Please continue writing great books Maya, but don't dilute your wonderful talent with such unnecessary vulgarity of poor speech.
  • Shades of Gray!!

    By Shalucas
    WOW!!! Now I have read all of the KGI series and have been hooked from day one, reading PJ and Cole story is no different. I can't wait to get into Van's storyline next. Great Job Maya Banks!

    By Sloppysue129
    Okay, I am hooked!! I have read this series 3 times and they still make my heart race!! If you haven't read them then you need to start!
  • It Was Okay

    By Mykalagal
    The First three books in the KGI series were really good. Then it started to get strange with the telepathy. Now we have moved to a very disturbed and vengeful heroine . . . and they live happily ever after. Really?!?!!!
  • Wonderful reading

    By Cindimyrtle
    Just finished this book tonight , it keeps you involved and you can't put it down
  • Great series

    By Jguillory86
    Love the KGI series. Can't wait for the next one.