Book cover - The Wrangler - Author Jillian Hart

The Wrangler

Author Jillian Hart

  • Release Date: 2011-09-16
  • Genre: Western

The Wrangler Summary

The Wrangler - Sensual content.

A lonely beauty, a handsome drifter

When her father abandons her on their new Montana homestead, Kit Chapman is left with nothing but her skills with horses and an idea for a way to hold onto her land. When she hires wrangler Dakota Black, she isn’t prepared for the attraction she feels for the self-professed drifter who has no need for emotional ties.

Dakota Black is powerfully drawn to Kit from the moment he sets eyes on her. She may be beautiful and courageous to a fault, yet it is her way with horses that captures his heart. Can this drifter leave his past behind and place his trust in the woman who might be his one chance for true love?


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