Book cover - Trekking Around Annapurna - Author Christian Glanzmann

Trekking Around Annapurna

Author Christian Glanzmann

  • Release Date: 1014-07-10
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


My Name is Chris, I'm a 51 year old guy from Switzerland. I'm neither the one who is spending his life in the Alps, nor am I trekking in all of my spare time.
But I like being outdoors and spend some time far away from everything. And that's exactly why I went to Nepal three times in the last 10 years. And like everywhere, things are changing fast and people are looking for a different life.
But nevertheless, Nepal is a beautiful country and the Annapurna Circuit is still a magnificent trek, one of the most interesting in the world. Starting through the rain forests, going up into the area where Yak's live, crossing the Thorong La at 5416 meters, relaxing in a monastery with the certainty of having crossed the pass, looking at the 8000 meter peaks, walking through the deepest gorge of the world.
Even if they are building roads on both sides of the trek, there's only a few four-wheel vehicles on it. You will still meet people who carry enormous packs, which you can't even lift up. And you will be amazed about Nepali eating Dhal Bhat three times a day without getting tired of it.

This is the Annapurna Circuit and I would like you to be my guest for the next 16 days.