Book cover - A Sinful Wife - Author Kelly Washington

A Sinful Wife

Author Kelly Washington

  • Release Date: 2012-09-22
  • Genre: Theater

A Sinful Wife Summary

A Sinful Wife - Fifty-five year old housewife Beverly secretly yearns for an exciting life. Her husband is kind yet boring. She gardens, she reads, and if she's feeling particularly naughty, she'll watercolor a scene of nude mermaids. But she bottles it all back up, paints over the watercolor, and sets dinner on the table for her husband each night.And then something happens. A masked man enters her home one day at lunch time. And thus a strange, erotic passionate year-long affair begins with three young "masked" lovers, each delivering exactly what Beverly wants, but at a price.Things spiral out of control and Beverly's guilt begins to gnaw at her. She wants to lessen her guilt and hide it all from her husband, Henry. But these things have a way of making themselves known and, by the end, Henry's actions change the fate (and future) of her young lovers and Beverly herself.**~~**A SINFUL WIFE is a short story just over five thousand words (~18 pages) that explores one woman's heart and guilt as she follows "her little demon" as she calls it and the consequences of her actions.It has erotically charged scenes and words. It contains violence and sexual scenes meant for mature audiences. This short story contains profanity.


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