Book cover - Keeping Watch - Author Gayle Wilson & Julie Miller

Keeping Watch

Author Gayle Wilson & Julie Miller

  • Release Date: 2012-12-17
  • Genre: Contemporary

Keeping Watch Summary

Keeping Watch - Gayle Wilson
Heart of the Night
Judge Thorne Barrington had survived a mail bombing, but the relentless hounding of the press changed him from Atlanta’s golden boy to a recluse. So when reporter Kate August tried to warn him the bomber was about to try again, he didn’t trust her. Not until the killer targeted Kate, too.

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Accidental Bodyguard
Faith Monroe had been framed for murder and now the killer was after her. She fled into the Wyoming mountains…and found herself at Jonas Beck’s remote cabin. Jonas’s gruff honesty and raw passion touched her soul. But had Faith found refuge…or a man more dangerous than the one she was fleeing?