Book cover - Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies - Author Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies

Author Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

  • Release Date: 2012-07-05
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies Summary

Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies - “Smart Nutrients For Developing Smart Baby's”

In this ground breaking book, Author and Board Certified Health Practitioner Tony Xhudo, M.S./H.N. Explains how dietary foods and supplements can help develop and increase the intelligence of newborn baby's I.Q. Levels.

This book aims to share how optimum nourishment and guidelines through dietary foods can help to maximize both health and brainpower. With easy to follow do's and don'ts on improving your chances of having the next generation of super smart babies.

Included, you will explore the wonderful years of pregnancy throughout its early stages and there after, discovering important nutritional facts of how supplements and food can alter our brain functioning. With over 20 years of experience in holistic health, the Author has simplified easy to follow information that will stay with you throughout your pregnancy.

Smart nutrients for smart baby's will explain complete information on food choices and food shopping pertaining to “My Pregnant Pyramid Food Guide”

That will help you make the right smart choices in providing the best nutrition

For you and your baby.

So, read as you may and discover the wonder's of “Smart Nutrients For Smart Baby's” and make the smart decision in increasing your child's brain power and I.Q. Levels.