Book cover - The Least Action Heroes - Author Ian Watson

The Least Action Heroes

Author Ian Watson

  • Release Date: 2012-12-01
  • Genre: Industries & Professions

The Least Action Heroes Summary

The Least Action Heroes - "Remember, Boo Boo, we have one weakness."
"What's that, Ratpfink?"
Bad action movies may be the guiltiest of pleasures , but they're also a ton of fun. Whether you're watching Rutger Hauer fight a rubber-suited monster or Chuck Norris thwarting a Communist invasion in his pick-up truck, there's a strange appeal to their occasionally inept, often silly shenanigans. In The Least Action Heroes, from the author of Movies That Witness Madness, you'll discover which Gary Busey film inspired a Simpsons character, how Cynthia Rothrock became a YouTube phenomenon and why Richard Harris bothered to appear in an Italian Rambo clone. So whip out a pizza, dim the lights, open the brewskis and relax with this bonkers b-movie extravaganza!