Book cover - Island of Secrets - Author Robyn Donald

Island of Secrets

Author Robyn Donald

  • Release Date: 2013-03-01
  • Genre: Contemporary

Island of Secrets Summary

Island of Secrets - A temptation too far…

The only way Luc MacAllister can get his hands on his inheritance is to spend six months on a Pacific island with his stepfather's alleged mistress. Joanna Forman could tempt a saint, but if Luc wants to keep his sanity, and his secrets, he should keep her at arm's length.

Taking her inheritance would confirm Luc's belief that she's a gold digger, but turning it down would cost Joanna everything. So she must stand toe-to-toe with the powerful tycoon and hope that until the end of the long, hot summer she can fight the attraction that burns between them….

Plus a Robyn Donald reader-favorite story: The Billionaire's Passion


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