Book cover - Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror - Author Lisa Maliga

Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror

Author Lisa Maliga

  • Release Date: 2013-01-14
  • Genre: Horror

Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror Summary

Hollywood After Dark: 3 Tales of Terror - This trio of horror novelettes takes place in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

SATAN’S CASTING CALL: Duncan Smith-Holmes is a struggling young actor who is in desperate need of a paying gig or he has to leave Hollywood. But a bizarre casting call and an opportunity to land a major role in a high budget movie is something he can't pass up -- no matter what the consequences.
AN AUTHOR’S NIGHTMARE: Life is perfect for hot young chick lit author Penelope Anne Pennington. Her serialized "Carlotta's Cakery" books are all bestsellers. She is about to launch a cakery. A series of films based on her books are in pre-production, along with a reality TV show. She has romance in her life with her attorney boyfriend/soon-to-be-fiancé!

But something strange is happening to all her outgoing correspondence — what she sends isn't what her correspondents receive. Bizarre printed and electronic correspondence is being sent to her. Is it a rival author? Or is it something more dark and malevolent, something not of this world?

HOLLYWOOD STARZ STORAGE: Retail employee/aspiring screenwriter Andy Tuttle is evicted from his apartment by the landlady’s only son, the obnoxious King Dixon. Searching for an affordable place proves so difficult; Andy ends up staying in a storage locker along with the rest of his belongings. The chilling events that occur inside unit #319-H won’t be forgotten by Andy—or the reader.