Book cover - Adam And Eve - Author Twinkie Artcat

Adam And Eve

Author Twinkie Artcat

  • Release Date: 2011-06-30
  • Genre: Graphic Novels

Adam And Eve Summary

Adam And Eve - Adam and Eve is the book 1 of 3 from Twinkie Artcat Visionary Comics 2003 series. A collection of Twinkie Artcat's concept of the life of Adam and Eve in a primitive jungle. 100 600x800 pixels picture files.
In this book, Adam, Eve, Apple, a big King Kong, a group of fearless new born chicken and many animals will be acting for you. No words, just action.

Story and Art by Twinkie Artcat.

Note : This is a comics book, for best reading Epub result, read this book in portrait mode. (Tested by Twinkie Artcat on android version 4 e-Reader.)


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