Book cover - Timetripper Book One: Yestermorrow - Author Stefan Petrucha

Timetripper Book One: Yestermorrow

Author Stefan Petrucha

  • Release Date: 2013-03-26
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature

Timetripper Book One: Yestermorrow Summary

Timetripper Book One: Yestermorrow - “Either it’s too beautiful for words, or there are too many words for beautiful.”
So says teen Harry Keller as he tried to explain a timeless singularity to a drugged-out suicidal thug on whose shoulders hang the fate of millions.
Since the shocking death of his obsessive father, everyone thinks Harry has lost it. But Harry's mind hasn't collapsed, it's expanded. Suddenly he reads words that haven’t yet been written. He sees people's lives from birth to death unwinding in twisting trails he can touch and change. Harry has begun to see time itself. He dubs this strange universe, where past present and future co-exist, A-Time. But he isn’t alone. A-Time is plagued by Quirks, monstrous creatures who prey on the fabric of time, changing fate itself. And if Harry doesn’t stop them, he may be consumed himself.


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