Book cover - Inina's Blessings of Joy - Author Meyari McFarland

Inina's Blessings of Joy

Author Meyari McFarland

  • Release Date: 2013-04-28
  • Genre: Short Stories

Inina's Blessings of Joy Summary

Inina's Blessings of Joy - It was a day of celebration.

Valerian's intent had been to enjoy the Festival of the Goddess Inina's Blessings to the world with his daughters and young son. It was a day of joy, a day to celebrate family and loved ones both there and gone on to Inina's arms.

However evil intent lurked inside one heart, tainting the festival with his anger and resentment. Valerian stood between Mayolo and his daughter, between Mayolo and Faustine, his daughter's best friend, arranging their hand fasting as a way of saving Faustine and her mother from Mayolo's abuse.

The village stood beside Valerian and his family but as the day progressed, Mayolo reached out to attack Valerian in the most painful way possible. Only Inina's blessings on his soul could save his family from Mayolo's dark magic.