Book cover - After the Storm - Author Maya Banks

After the Storm

Author Maya Banks

  • Release Date: 2014-01-07
  • Genre: Military
Our score: 4
From 431 Ratings

After the Storm Summary

After the Storm - The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business.

Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background.

Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t…

Over the years, Donovan Kelly has fought relentlessly for justice, women and children always holding a special place in his heart. Working side by side with his brothers, Donovan has witnessed firsthand the toll it’s taken—physically, mentally, and emotionally—on his loved ones, and the innocent lives caught in the crossfire. What he never expects is for his next mission to happen right on his home turf—or for it to take a very personal turn.

Picturesque Kentucky Lake is the perfect place for a soul in search of safe harbor. A beautiful stranger has arrived—desperate, breathless, and on the run from a dark past closing in on her and the younger siblings she has vowed to protect. Donovan must now draw on every resource at his disposal—if he wants to save a woman and the children who may prove to be his destiny.

After the Storm Review

  • This one was off a bit

    By Gfoudree
    I have been totally absorbed in this series. The plots are well thought out, the characters endearing. This one was off the mark. Van came across as totally skeevy coming onto Eve so strongly. I’m an abuse survivor and that may truly color my take on this but it disturbed me enough to provide feedback to the author. Eve was too traumatized to take on an alpha male so quickly to have any of the rest ring true.
  • I freaking love this series!!😍

    By Chanchan15
    Seriously. Every book is so darn good. Can’t put them down. Do yourself a favor and READ them!
  • Disappointment. Why?

    By thecooperlife
    Why are they a happy family after 3 days of knowing one another? Cringe. He cannot expect Eve to simply go along with Donavan's presumptuous intentions. The entire time I thought how unrealistic it all was. So, she's going to just let a man tell her siblings they're a family now without even discussing it with her first? & then her 15 year old brother offers alone time for them to have sex? Girl, please. I was so disappointed. Couldn't read past that scene. I was already pushing myself to that point.
  • Afte the storm

    By Annesplan
    Good but not as good as the ones preceding it. 4 stars!
  • Ghosted?

    By RonicaOne
    There is no way the character Donovan in all the other books should have crowded the heroine as portrayed in this book. This woman has possible sexual, emotional, and mental a use & he is like a bull in a china shop with his aggression. I can not believe the same person crafted the previous material and loses the continuity of her hero.
  • Disappointment here as well

    By StephV20
    I started the kgi series in feb and just finished with Donovan's story. I couldn't believe it was the same author. This definitely felt rushed and I cringed every time Donovan referred to the kids as his. All of the other kgi stories were amazinggggg. This was by far the weakest and not very good at all. I skimmed through most of the dialogue because I just couldn't bear. C'mon maya, take more time and deliver us the great kgi series stories we have come to love!
  • After The Storm: A Disservice to Donovan

    By Eve Garden
    I have just about all of Maya Banks books. She is an incredible writer. She is very talented. I've never given her less than 4 stars. I'm disappointed and bewildered about this one. I didn't make it through the second chapter of this book without stopping and questioning what happened to Maya on this one. This is not Maya Banks. Here her groove is gone. I stopped and spent some time wondering. Is Maya tired of writing about KGI? Is she helping an inspired author begin by letting someone else write this one while she checks on it ever so often with little to no care? Was she pushed by the publisher to produce something too soon? Is she taking medication and lost her desire to write? This is not just writer's block. This is just a meaningless run on of words that form sentences that become paragraphs to just get the book finished. Get it done. Turn in your work. Regurgitation. Redundancy of thought. None of Maya's twists and turns and suspense. Just on and on and on about the same thing over and over. A wailing that begins early about the same thing over and over. And it never stops. UNCLE!! Oh and the sensual sexy piece that's always so hot, emotional, passionate, intense and exciting? A terrible attempt. Forget it here. It's not here. This is not Maya. I'll never believe she wrote this. Buy the book if you want to just keep up with the Kelly family so that you'll know Donovan's story. It's boring and pathetic. Written for a reader with very low expectations.
  • After the Storm

    By Lesliekathryn45
    So sorry, Maya. This was really bad. It felt rushed with huge holes in the story line. Van deserved better. It just didn't make sense. Maya's editor should have set this back for a re-write. Just really bad. If this would have been my first KGI, it would have been my last. Sorry.
  • Very disappointed

    By Hatethisappnow
    Very disappointed with the way this book was written. This was the story I was most looking forward to. I will never read another KGI book again. Poor Donovan - he definitely deserved a better story!
  • Expected a little more

    By gagal88
    Story line was great, at times a tad unbelievable. None the less this wasn't a let down. After I finished the book the only thing I would have wanted was a little more passion between Van and Eve.