Book cover - How to Sponsor a Diversity Institute on Wheels - Author Charles Taylor

How to Sponsor a Diversity Institute on Wheels

Author Charles Taylor

  • Release Date: 2013-05-20
  • Genre: Education

How to Sponsor a Diversity Institute on Wheels Summary

How to Sponsor a Diversity Institute on Wheels - The Diversity Institute on Wheels takes you into the heart of communities of color. If you come with an open mind, you’ll leave with a filled heart! “This has literally been a transformative experience for me!”-Annette, Institute Participant Campuses hoping to improve relationships with their African, Latino, Asian, and Native American (ALANA) communities should consider sponsoring a Diversity Institute on Wheels in their cities. Think of the Diversity Institute as a moving classroom in which faculty, staff and administrators travel by bus to various ethnic neighborhoods and genuinely engage its opinion leaders. The Institute allows college personnel to spend a day in communities of color and hear first-hand an unfiltered accounting of key issues from community advocates, business owners, educators and cultural artists. Participants are provided a contemporary perspective on diversity and inclusion. But it’s not your typical road trip. In fact it’s unlike any bus tour that most faculty and staff have ever been on. Participants are enthralled from the moment they step on the bus. They are treated to creative bus activities, videos, music and lectures in between stops. “The institute takes people out of their elements and immerses them in a day of experience and exploration to introduce them to people and concepts they can build upon to promote multicultural change within their personal and professional lives.” -Capital City Hues Newspaper This book will help you plan a successful Diversity Institute on Wheels. You’ll find: • A complete agenda that you can use to set up your institute • Suggestions for community sites and organizations to visit • How to create a “wow” feeling among the participants all day long • How to prepare a bus route for your driver and time everything so it’s seamless • A sample Master Script to ensure that everything goes off like clockwork. • Bus activities that build teamwork and enrich the overall experience for participants • How to make your opening and closing ceremony inspirational and unforgettable • Everything you need to make your institute a huge success If you’re interested in sponsoring one of the most innovative human relations activities in the country, then all you need is this book! “The emotional impact of the day is simply profound!”-Rebecca , Institute Participant ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STEP ON THE BUS! HOW TO CREATE A DIVERSITY PLAN FOR YOUR INSTITUTION


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