Book cover - The Glory of Heaven - Author John MacArthur

The Glory of Heaven

Author John MacArthur

  • Release Date: 2013-05-31
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Our score: 4
From 8 Ratings

The Glory of Heaven Summary

The Glory of Heaven - If you’re going to call it “home” for eternity, don’t you want to know what it’s like?
Our pictures of heaven range from comical to curious, mystical to fictitious, with bits of biblical truth thrown in. But if heaven is our future, and we are to be living with an eternal mind-set in the present, a Hollywood scriptwriter’s interpretation of the afterlife just won’t suffice. Quite simply, we need to know more about what lies ahead for the sake of what lies in front of us today.
In this newly updated and expanded edition, pastor John MacArthur takes us through the pages of Scripture, exploring the wonders of heaven and the truth about angels and eternal life while addressing current debates and issues. Come along with this best-selling author for an in-depth look at every Christian’s future—heaven, our eternal home. 

The Glory of Heaven Review

  • Heaven Tourism

    By Gordian Caesar
    John MacArthur spends the whole book debunking, as he should, the genre of Heavenly Tourism. He fails to expound on the Scriptures relating to Heaven, the New Jerusalem and the New Earth. Randy Alcorn's "Heaven" does a much better job of instructing, and speculating, about the glory of God and Heaven than John's book does. "Heaven" by Alcorn will have a profoundly positive effect on you and your appreciation of Heaven, the New Jerusalem and the New Earth.
  • Inspiring & Bible-based

    By DLM1965
    I appreciate the strictly Bible-based approach - inspiring. Deepens my desire to study God's word even more and go deeper in my faith. Also elevates my sense of awe, excitement and anticipation as I ponder this next chapter in God's incredible drama.