Book cover - Overcoming Worry - Author Margaret Feinberg & Women of Faith

Overcoming Worry

Author Margaret Feinberg & Women of Faith

  • Release Date: 2014-01-07
  • Genre: Christianity

Overcoming Worry Summary

Overcoming Worry - What are you worried about right now? Chances are, something comes to mind. We all face failing health, job loss, family tragedy, and other situations that are uncertain.  How do we not only manage our worry, but also over come it?

This valuable study guides participants past the low level view of the waves of uncertainty crashing all around us and narrows our focus on Jesus. Through this study, participants will look at passages of Scripture showing God as a trustworthy friend, savior, and guide. When we learn to trust Jesus with our uncertain situations, relationships, and future, we will find him to truly be the Prince of Peace.

Features include:
Twelve weeks of interactive Bible study Questions for discussion Tips for leading a great group
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