Book cover - Multi-Careering (Frames Series) - Author Barna Group & Bob Goff

Multi-Careering (Frames Series)

Author Barna Group & Bob Goff

  • Release Date: 2014-01-07
  • Genre: Christianity

Multi-Careering (Frames Series) Summary

Multi-Careering (Frames Series) - Job changes. Restructures. A waning passion. Retirement. A new 'norm' for length at any job.

All of these, and more, lead us to wonder about the legacy we are leaving  this world. Are we leaving it better than we found it? Are we able to separate our identity from our career? Maybe you know the deep passion you recently discovered (or re-discovered), that lay dormant for 30 years. Or perhaps you don't know yet what that calling is, but you know there is more than what you are doing now. Join Bob Goff, founder of Restore International, in this Barna Frame as you explore a biblical perspective on the legacy you are leaving, even as you face a career transition.